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Model 87 101 Crane

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Design and mechanical characteristics especially combined for the sign serving industry. Wilkie Mfg. L.L.C. utilizes stock commercial components in the fabrication of its products, ensuring you of readily available parts. The rugged features, reliable operation and simple maintenance make Wilkie cranes profitable for their owners. We offer a full set of optional equipment to complete your package, so it is immediately ready to put to work upon arrival at your plant.

Control Valves variable volume, feather movement to full bore with the push of a lever.
All functions pressure reliefed for a balanced system.
Continuous 360 degree rotation via hydraulic rotary swivel.
Dual cylinder elevation, single stage, double acting. Power down, pressure relieved. Infinite control.
Choke valve on cylinders.
Rotation-Ball bearing slewing ring. Low profile.
Rotation drive-Large, oil bath, right angle reducer, eccentric adjustment collar for exacting mesh to bull gear.
Rotation motor direct coupled to gear box-Dual hydraulic relief to motor.
Load line winch-all gears in oil, disc brake in oil, hydraulic release, spring loaded on.
Precise positioning and hold power.
Load Weight is closely indicated by hydraulic pressure gauge reading.
Motor drive direct coupled.
Extending winch - All Gears in oil, disc brake in oil, sprag clutch overrunning while extending.
Motor drive direct coupled.
Main tube, 12 Square.
Extending tubes - Round-Models 87 & 101, 10x8x6x41/2.
End tube with quick disconnect extending cables to increase lift capacities.
Load line sheave on roller bearing.
Cable end anchors by state of the art commercial hardware.
Hydraulic auxiliary load line available as option, totally enclosed gear case and disc brake, run in oil.


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Both the Extension and Load Line winches are totally enclosed, gears and brakes in oil bath. Brakes are automatic, fail safe design and give precise load handling capabilities.


From a Welder, Power Plant Combination. Showing the Hydraulic Oil Tank and the pump direct coupled to a Welder. Other standard option is P.T.O. Drive.


Variable volume manual valves for full throttling, infinite control. Gauge indicator correlates as a load cell, indicating the weight being hoisted.


Rectangular Tube, Telescoping, Reinforced, Extension Stops, Rollers.




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